Led Drl Daylight

Drl Daylight Front Left For Volvo S60 2014 Till

Drl Daylight Front Left For Volvo S60 2014 Till

Drl Daylight Front Left For Volvo S60 2014 Till    Drl Daylight Front Left For Volvo S60 2014 Till

Drl daylight left front for volvo s60 2014 up. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Front left of daylight drl for volvo s60 2014.

Drl advanced left front (driver side) for volvo s60 2014 new product. Daytime running light system (daytime running lights), you must show the vehicle in motion during the day without using a crossover.

Competitive product (after-sales), quality equal to the original and approved. For assembly, always contact a qualified technician.

The photo of the list is indicative of the product sold. If this is stipulated that choose the right side (passenger side) or left (driver side), refer to what is written in the description. Important: we issue a regular invoice only at the request of the buyer and this request must be made before shipping. We use several express couriers, delivery times are estimated at 24/48 hours (excluding public holidays) and up to 72 hours for remote areas and Sardinia for Italian territory. They can vary from 2 to 5 working days.

The packing times are 1 working day after the date of payment. For small Italian islands, Corsican, Balearic, Canary Islands, it is necessary to contact us before making the purchase to calculate shipping costs. The risk mail to overtake without warning and after 2 delivery attempts, will be open storage report with the fees that will be charged to the customer and paid in return by the same. All orders placed before 16:00, will be dispatched the next business day.

We inform our clientele that it is essential to check the integrity of the equipment after delivery and inform us within 48 hours or less of any abnormalities. Exceeded this delay is no longer what carries the remuneration practices. If the outer packaging is damaged upon delivery is also fundamental make the bellman's remark on the delivery slip, writing sturdiness of the packaging are subject to control. We remind our customers that we are always available to solve any type of problem.

If you give us 4, it's bad for us! With positive reviews and a 5 star rating, you allow our company to stay on the market and offer users more trust and better services. We inform our customers that the parts we sell are all competing products (secondary market). These are lasie products and import is, all certified and perfectly adaptable to the target car that reflect all the mechanical, electrical and aesthetic characteristics.

Processed parts are all new, we do not deal with used material. We do not manage already painted products. Please always check the compatibility of the parts with your car and contact us for any questions before buying.

Privacy Notice: With respect to the provisions of d. 196/2003: we remember each client that their information is collected and used for the execution of Nova Scotia. Analysis, consulting, support and information services and will not be disclosed. Each recipient can at any time, the information on the origin and content of your data and can request the integration, correction, update, etc ..

the data controller is: costauto francis de constantin-via rubinacci, 19-80040 cercola (na) p. The request period is 30 days from the receipt of the goods and is free for the buyer in case of receipt of an erroneous or damaged item. For all other cases, the cost of return are the responsibility of the buyer. You will need to print it and place it outside the package to return it. Once the item has been received, its condition will be verified and refunded. It is essential that the item comes back intact, complete with its original packaging and unused. If any of these conditions are missing, the return will not be accepted. It is essential to check the integrity of the goods at the time of delivery and inform us within 48 hours of any damage caused to the item received.

Requests for damaged items returned after 48 hours will not be accepted. Costauto francis of constantin-via rubinacci, 19-80040 cercola (na) -p. See seller number coordinates at the bottom.

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  1. brand: valeo <\/ li>
  2. Manufacturer Part Number: 45156 <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Drl Daylight Front Left For Volvo S60 2014 Till    Drl Daylight Front Left For Volvo S60 2014 Till